Sunday, December 25, 2011

One more request for the elves...

All Nile asked Santa for for Christmas was a Nintendo DS.  Cousin Dru helped him tear through all of the packages Santa had left on Christmas morning.  With every package he grabbed she would say, "Oh, that's too small for a DS." "Or that's way too big for a DS."  And finally she said, "Nile, I really don't think you are getting a DS.  Santa must have forgot."
It took Nile a while to accept it.  He searched the living room - thinking maybe it was left in Adeline's pile by mistake.  When he finally gave up, he walked over to me with his sad brown eyes and said, "I don't understand.  Do you think Santa forgot?"  I said, "I'm sure Santa just thinks that you are too little for a DS this year.  I'm sure if you ask again next year you will get one.  I think I remember a rule that you have to be 6 to get a DS from Santa."
But that wasn't a good enough explanation.
"Mom, you need to call those elves.  They aren't busy now - I'm sure they are taking a break.  They are really smart and fast. They can make ANYTHING. If we tell them that Santa forgot to have them make a DS this year I'm sure they will get right on it and have it sent to me this week."

Poor kid.  I guess Santa will have Nile's order in early for next year.  And I'm sure Nile won't let him forget again.