Thursday, October 13, 2011

UnHappy Birthday

Nile says Thanks to everyone for the Happy Birthday messages. But he wants you all to know that some of his day was a very bad Birthday. Like when he finally got to have a Happy Meal - he was grounded from them for about 3 years - and the toy was sposed to be a Transformer, but they were out of them so he got a "lame miscellaneous" toy instead. And he even asked them to check again but they were still out. And then when we got home he dropped the little tiny lightsaber (that came with his really cool lego yoda watch that's sposed to be for bigger kids and now he knows why) and it fell under the deck. and it's gone forever. so he isn't five anymore. he's four again and he is cold from looking for the lightsaber. And his sister only laughs at what she thinks is funny - she never laughs at him. So now he is going to lay on the couch and watch Megamind and try to have a good night. 

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