Thursday, February 17, 2011

pentagons and houses

I took Nile to his first eye exam today.  He stands too close to the T.V.  I know all kids do it, but he does it too often.  I just felt I had to take him in. And it's a good thing I did.  The optometrist held up a big white piece of cardboard that had lines of hearts, circles, squares and houses.  When he pointed to each, Nile said what they were.  Until he pointed to the house.  Nile said "pentagon".  The optometrist said, no it's a house.  And, of course, Nile replied, "Actually it looks more like a pentagon."  The optometrist turned around to look at me.  And I just shrugged my shoulders in agreement.  Long story short, Nile has severe astigmatism, especially in his right eye.  It was painful to watch him try to see the shapes.  He told me tonight he was excited to get glasses cause he has never been able to see very well.  Guess he didn't realize it until today.  Poor kid didn't need another reason to get beat up in kindergarten.

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