Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Texts my dad sends me: I ll bet i wasnt spose to open that toy stry 3 Leapster game couse Nile jst told me we have to put it back b4 mom gets home or shell think we r in trouble.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

nile kinnick is soooo cool

Nile finally understands just how cool his namesake, Nile Kinnick, is. Aunt JuJu gave him a Hawkeye football uniform.  I ironed the number 24 on the back.  Everyday, as soon as we get in the door after work, he runs to his bedroom, throws the unform on, turns on the T.V. and watches the 1990 Iowa vs Michigan football game that Aaron recorded from College Football Classics.  And he yells and cheers for about 15 minutes.  (And then he changes into a basketball "uniform" and "shoots some hoops".  When he's done with that he changes into pajamas. At least 2 different mix-matched pairs.  He's a kid of many "talents". And I get to clean it all up every evening.)