Thursday, October 27, 2011

lesson learned

Nile's lesson of the day: If you play in a hay maze forever and ever DON'T take a bath as soon as you get home.  Cause it HURTS REALLY BAD! (Poor kid is covered in scratches.  He's already learning that sometimes the most fun things are also the most regrettable. It's just he beginning.)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our kids have been spoiled by loving friends an family - they have toys everywhere. But they have insisted on playing with a can of soup (Adeline's fav) and a large drill bit (Nile's fav) for the last 2 days. Until just a few minutes ago, when Adeline dropped the can of soup on Nile's foot. They can seriously turn anything into a fight and crying match. They are grounded from soup cans.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go Hawks!

One of Nile's favorite 5th Birthday presents


Nile's new interest is God, Jesus and priests. Their origin, history, roles, relationship between each other, etc. Sometimes the conversations we have leave Aaron and I very impressed...even enlightened (like how does Jesus see everyone if he only has 2 eyes? And Jesus smiles and is happy when kids are nice to other kids. And Jesus is Father Merlin's boss - he tells him what to say at church). But most of the time they end with Nile telling us we are wrong and don't know what we are talking about (like Jesus is the reason elevators open and go up and down on their own. And Jesus uses 'the force' when people are naughty) I think were gonna have to call in some backup. This is getting to be more than we can handle. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

UnHappy Birthday

Nile says Thanks to everyone for the Happy Birthday messages. But he wants you all to know that some of his day was a very bad Birthday. Like when he finally got to have a Happy Meal - he was grounded from them for about 3 years - and the toy was sposed to be a Transformer, but they were out of them so he got a "lame miscellaneous" toy instead. And he even asked them to check again but they were still out. And then when we got home he dropped the little tiny lightsaber (that came with his really cool lego yoda watch that's sposed to be for bigger kids and now he knows why) and it fell under the deck. and it's gone forever. so he isn't five anymore. he's four again and he is cold from looking for the lightsaber. And his sister only laughs at what she thinks is funny - she never laughs at him. So now he is going to lay on the couch and watch Megamind and try to have a good night. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

fashion police

Nile just received compliments from Walmart employees for telling a barely dressed customer she was "almost naked".(after totally checking her out - front and back.) Apparently she's a regular and the employees have been told not to say anything. I think she looks cold -its 72 degrees out!