Saturday, February 26, 2011

a whole new world

We picked up Nile's first pair of glasses yesterday afternoon. I was still having a hard time believing that his eyesight was so poor, but apparently he has never had peripheral vision in his right eye.  He wore them on the ride home, and I watched him through the rear view mirror.  At first his head darted back and forth from window to window. But eventually he sat on the edge of his booster seat, as far as his seat belt would let him, and just stared out of the side window.  He said, "Mom! The trees look like gum drops.  And you look like an old man!"  And as we took the downtown exit off the interstate he said, "Is this Kansas City?"  I finally said, "Nile, what's wrong? Can't you see out of your glasses?"  He said, "Aw, mom, I'm just jokin' ya.  These glasses work really good!" He asked what every single building was.  And became really excited when he saw the big "castle" - an old school converted into apartments that looks like a castle.  We had driven by that enormous castle hundreds of times. And the eye doctor was right, we have no problem keeping them on his face - he's having fun re-discovering his world.

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