Monday, February 21, 2011

managing finances

Just one of my many conversations with Nile tonight:
Nile: Mom, how do you get money?
Me: I work.
Nile:  I know you work, but how do you get the money after you are done working?
Me: I get a pay check every two weeks.  And that goes into the bank.  And the bank gives me money for the pay check.
Nile: Who gives you the pay check?
Nile: No, who is the person who gives you the paycheck?
Me: Well, I guess Dr. Peacock.
Nile: Well, you need to tell Dr. Peacock not to give you a check next time.  He can just take the money to Toys R Us and buy me some Leapster games.  Cause I know you won't.

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