Saturday, February 26, 2011

a whole new world

We picked up Nile's first pair of glasses yesterday afternoon. I was still having a hard time believing that his eyesight was so poor, but apparently he has never had peripheral vision in his right eye.  He wore them on the ride home, and I watched him through the rear view mirror.  At first his head darted back and forth from window to window. But eventually he sat on the edge of his booster seat, as far as his seat belt would let him, and just stared out of the side window.  He said, "Mom! The trees look like gum drops.  And you look like an old man!"  And as we took the downtown exit off the interstate he said, "Is this Kansas City?"  I finally said, "Nile, what's wrong? Can't you see out of your glasses?"  He said, "Aw, mom, I'm just jokin' ya.  These glasses work really good!" He asked what every single building was.  And became really excited when he saw the big "castle" - an old school converted into apartments that looks like a castle.  We had driven by that enormous castle hundreds of times. And the eye doctor was right, we have no problem keeping them on his face - he's having fun re-discovering his world.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jesus and Yoda

Adeline had her first baby sitter tonight (besides grandmas, grandpas and daycare). The sitter was PERFECT! Mature, provided her own transportation, has a drivers license, doesn't need a ride home...anyway...
Sounds like Adeline was a good girl.
Most of the report at the end of the night was about Nile. Maybe I need to create a warning label.  I truly never know what is going to come out of that child's mouth.  The warning label would have to be very, very long - and I'm sure I'll have to add to it quite often. It would definitely include clarification about his {imaginary} brother, Joe. And he did explain to her how Jesus has "the force", like Yoda, of course. I just hope she will come back!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

managing finances

Just one of my many conversations with Nile tonight:
Nile: Mom, how do you get money?
Me: I work.
Nile:  I know you work, but how do you get the money after you are done working?
Me: I get a pay check every two weeks.  And that goes into the bank.  And the bank gives me money for the pay check.
Nile: Who gives you the pay check?
Nile: No, who is the person who gives you the paycheck?
Me: Well, I guess Dr. Peacock.
Nile: Well, you need to tell Dr. Peacock not to give you a check next time.  He can just take the money to Toys R Us and buy me some Leapster games.  Cause I know you won't.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Soon after we found out that we were having a baby girl, Nile started talking about his "brother" Joey.  Aaron and I pretty much ignored him.  And didn't even think to tell anyone else about it.
Nile went to visit my sister and her family in the October after Adeline was born.  I got a random phone call from my parents.  Nile had just told them about Joey. 
Dad:  "You never told us that Nile had a brother."
Me: "I know, I guess it never came up.  We try to ignore it."
Dad: "Well, we're driving in the car and Nile just told all of us that he had a brother named Joey, but he died.  He took too many vitamins and then got in an elevator and pushed zero. And he died."
Me: "Wow. I haven't heard that one yet."
Nile always described Joey the same.  He was older than him, about 11.  He had "yellow" hair and blue eyes and wore a blue shirt.
And he was always very detailed with his stories and information about Joey.
So I started investigating how he would have come up with the story about Joey's death.  I realized that his preschool had just had someone come from the poison control center and talked to the kids about poison around the house.  And I suspected that vitamins was one of them.
I thought that would be the end of Joey, but, of course it wasn't.
Aaron's grandmother, Georgetta passed away on November 1st.  It was a very sad time for all of us, and it was Nile's first experience with death.  We took both kids to the funeral.  I decided to change Adeline right before the funeral began.  I came out of the restroom to see Nile standing by the casket.  A woman was on her knees with both hands on Nile's shoulders.  I could tell she was very upset.  So I went over to them as fast as I could.  The woman looked up at me, very compassionately, and said, "I never knew that you had lost a son.  I am so sorry!".  I had to explain that Joey was Nile's imaginary brother, and apologize. She barely believed ME.
Preschool conferences were scheduled at the same time.  The sign up sheet said they would take about 10 minutes.  Nile's, of course, lasted over a half hour.  The teacher had an extra sheet on the top of Nile's folder with a list of questions.  She asked about Nile's brother Joey right away.  She told me that he was very convincing with his stories, and it made the teachers very curious.  We talked about how Nile never seemed upset about Joey and we didn't think it was effecting him in a negative way, so we decided to let it go.
Over the months, Joey has come back to life.  He had gone to heaven and Jesus fixed him and made him all better.  So he's back.   He went to high school, where he decided he wanted to be called Joe.  So don't ever call him Joey...he gets upset.  He has a brother named Biley.  Joe and Biley do a lot of things that Nile isn't allowed to do.  And now Joe is finished with college and is a doctor.  He helps people get better and makes them so they don't die.  And Jesus helps him do his job.
I really try to keep our discussions about Joe short.  And I have explained to Nile that it's okay for him to tell stories, but he has to make sure that other people know that they aren't real.  But I have to admit that I am curious about what Joe will do next. (And so is everyone else that has been introduced to Joe!)

pentagons and houses

I took Nile to his first eye exam today.  He stands too close to the T.V.  I know all kids do it, but he does it too often.  I just felt I had to take him in. And it's a good thing I did.  The optometrist held up a big white piece of cardboard that had lines of hearts, circles, squares and houses.  When he pointed to each, Nile said what they were.  Until he pointed to the house.  Nile said "pentagon".  The optometrist said, no it's a house.  And, of course, Nile replied, "Actually it looks more like a pentagon."  The optometrist turned around to look at me.  And I just shrugged my shoulders in agreement.  Long story short, Nile has severe astigmatism, especially in his right eye.  It was painful to watch him try to see the shapes.  He told me tonight he was excited to get glasses cause he has never been able to see very well.  Guess he didn't realize it until today.  Poor kid didn't need another reason to get beat up in kindergarten.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a little espanol lesson

Nile had fun this afternoon at the mall play area. After about 5 minutes he looked at me and yelled, "They're not talkin my language!" He was the only english-speaking kid. But don't worry - he made everyone translate everything they said - including some grown-ups. Judging by the looks they gave him I don't think they thought hey was "muy" cute.  And then for the rest of the evening he'd talk to me in his own made up version of Spanish, "Hey, mom, 'Ese uno troces seiste'. OK, what did I just say?" and "What does 'certeso' mean?"
...And, of course,  "Latte means coffee. Would you like a latte, mama?".